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Our team is looking for an energetic individual who loves people! Well, even if you don’t absolutely love them — so long as you work well with them — you could be the one we need! The perfect fit for our team would be someone with lots of energy who loves to work but also loves their family. But, hey, if you don’t have any family close by, you could fit too — because we want our team members to FEEL like family!!
If this sounds like you or someone you know, give us a call today!

Even if you’ve never sold homes, don’t yet have your license, our team leader has a huge heart which is filled with happiness when he is helping others succeed!
Other great attributes aside from “energetic” which will help our team grow will include:

*Ability to work with a team
*Someone not afraid of constructive criticism, i.e., someone willing to learn and take advice from our leader
*Fun Loving
Click Button Below to fill out your Application and Call Today for an appointment to talk to us about your future possibilities!!! Full- or part-time.
(208)717-7355 or (208)792-7315